Monday, February 22, 2010

Pacman Happiness

I just saw these on Luckyduct's Shop!
Be sure to click the link and check out Rachel's shop.
Love her stuff!

So pretty!

Wishlist? Yes. I think so.

My blogging is pretty lame. But I am constantly searching the net and finding cute stuff. 
Check it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some belated shots

I have lagged pretty hard posting these and I'd like to apologize upfront for the cat heavy posting. 
I love the cat. Plus, he lets me take picture of him all day.
What a booger.

And then there was Christmas. Which I completely forgot to post.
We did a gingerbread train this year instead of a house.
 Thank you Trader Joe's for making the gingerbread for me. You rule.

Stomach ache central!

"Hmm, let's put Boyfriend in charge of the gingerbread train."

"Instructions? We don't need instructions! Wait.... does that say video instructions? What kind of gingerbread train is this?"

More like a gingerbread train wreck.

My cookie that I created all by myself. Aren't you proud?

Boyfriend's cookie. My stomach hurts just looking at this picture.
Our extremely legit icing skills.

The tree that Onyx chewed on all the time. 
(Our cat has a weird love affair with plastic.)

Hey guys, where the party at?

Evil dictator cat.

Bill/ grocery board.

The funny thing about me starting this blog is that I actually cook a ton more now. But I do it all without even considering picking up my camera because I'm caught up in the moment. We were talking about these cookies that I made last Christmas a few nights ago and I decided to whip them up. It was only AFTER their completion that I realized I could have shared it on here.
Anyways, I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies for the boys. I don't even remember where I found the recipe originally but Boyfriend L-O-V-E-S peanut butter. This boy will go through a whole jar without realizing that he made a dent in it. Boyfriend's old roommate came over and was surprised to see them again. Last year when I made them as we opened the oven we realized that we had NO MILK! And trust me, these are cookies that NEED milk. It was like a cruel Got Milk? commercial. In our desperation we had to walk to the over priced mini mart down the street for a five dollar gallon of milk. Well, the boys did. I made the cookies. I have special privileges. :)